The MooshMan

Tallahassee International Airport

I noticed quite a bit of air traffic yesterday. I guess our international airport is doing quite well. Wonder when they'll add Customs, Nexus, and Clear to the system

Cuz You’ve Had a Bad Day

Cuz You’ve Had a Bad Day It was January 1, the start of a new year. A day filled with new hope and fresh starts. Not so fast my friend. In 1397, Charles II of Navarre burned to death in his own bed after an attendant accidently ignited the brandy-soaked bandages with...

Life, Liberty, and Property

No person's life, liberty, social security, or property is safe while the current government House and Senate (2019- 2020)are in session. I refer to some 80% of the Democrats and 60% of the Republicans in both the House and the Senate. We, the voters, must take...

Shoot the bear

May I Shoot The Bear? I am fortunate enough to own several acres in the Florida Panhandle. The acreage affords a beautiful walking trail that weaves in and out of the trees that my wife and I use for our exercise program. The entire property has been fenced hoping to...

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